Connection to Creativity

Morgan LaMonica
English Language and Literature

Morgan, an English Language and Literature major, used her time at Stevenson to hone her skills as writer.

When choosing where to attend college, Morgan didn’t want to be just a number—“I really wanted to know my major and the people in it,” Morgan says. She found the small school atmosphere and close relationships with faculty she was looking for at Stevenson.

Throughout her time at SU, Morgan has held two research positions. The first was with Dr. Amanda Licastro, an assistant professor of English, where she served as her virtual reality research assistant. Together they studied the implications of incorporating virtual reality into classrooms as a learning material; she had the opportunity to visit different classrooms and show students VR apps on their phones and how to explore immersive virtual reality through the Oculus Rift.

Morgan also served as a research assistant for Dr. Kerry Spencer, a senior lecturer in mathematics and physics. After completing research on what factors make young adult books successful and sell, she had the opportunity to travel to New York City to present their research in front of literary agents and a publishing company.

During her time at Stevenson, Morgan served as the Assistant Literary Editor on the editorial team for The Greenspring Review, ѨƵ digital literary magazine. Additionally, she is the co-author and illustrator of a published children’s book.

“I hope to use my degree to become an editor for a children’s publishing company, and eventually put my own young adult series out into the world. I have really used my time at Stevenson to hone my skills as a writer and learn how to present myself. I am confident that the connections that I have made at this University will help me in the future, and I truly believe that I can achieve my dream career now.”

“I love how connected my major is. The students and professors are a very tight-knit group. We are strongly encouraged to speak our minds."
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