Make your college experience what YOU want it to be

There is something for everyone at Stevenson! With 50+ clubs and organizations, 5 fraternities and sororities, campus traditions, and numerous off-campus trips, there is never a dull moment on campus. By getting involved with Student Activities, students meet lifelong friends, develop personal and professional skills, and make long-lasting memories. Whether it’s applying to be an Orientation Leader, stepping up to be on the executive board of a club, or representing their fellow students on the Student Government Association, students will have many opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

Make the effort to make your Stevenson experience fun and memorable! Step out of your comfort zone, introduce yourself to a fellow student, attend a club meeting that interests you, or check out a late-night event! You could just end up meeting your new best friends and making important connections!

Student Life at Stevenson

Clubs & Organizations

With over 50 clubs and organizations, there is truly something for everyone at Stevenson. Make sure to check out the Involvement Fairs that occur at the beginning of each semester. If you’re interested in starting a new club, The Office of Student Life and Leadership will be happy to walk you through our very simple process!

Commuter Life

Campus life is for all students, whether or not you live on campus. We encourage our commuter students to get involved, attend events, and consider joining the Commuter Student Association to be part of making the commuter experience a great one!

Fraternity & Sorority Life

Boasting five nationally chartered Greek organizations, the Fraternity and Sorority Life program at ѨƵ seeks to foster community, integrity, and service; support high academic standards; promote brotherhood and sisterhood among its members; and enrich campus life for all students.  Our two fraternities and three sororities aren’t just another social outlet; they also provide the young men and women of Stevenson with myriad opportunities for real leadership development, professional networking, philanthropic work, and more. 

Campus Programming

Immerse yourself in the full Mustang experience and take part in our students’ favorite campus traditions! With large-scale events like Wet & Wild Field Day, the Annual Founder’s Day Talent Show, Stevie Boo!, Frost Fest, and Food Truck Rally, as well as smaller events like bingo and karaoke nights— and everything in-between! For those seeking to develop their organizational and leadership skills (and have some fun in the process) our student-led Mustang Activities & Programming board (MAP) is always seeking volunteers to assist in the planning and execution of all its events, trips, and programs.

Welcome Week & Student Life Orientation

Welcome Week aims to help new students get connected with each other and to the University through small group discussions, fun social events, and memorable educational sessions. Each freshman student will be assigned an Orientation Leader who will guide them through Orientation and be a resource for them. Attending all the Welcome Week events is a great way to make friends and memories and ask any questions you have about the Mustang experience before classes begin.

Leadership Development

Stevenson develops leaders. By getting involved in a club or organization, taking on a leadership position, and trying new things, students have countless opportunities to grow. Student leaders learn transferrable skills that will help set them apart during their time at Stevenson and in their careers and post-Stevenson plans. Student leaders keep our campus life vibrant, so consider getting involved during your time at Stevenson!

Athletics on Campus

Stevenson has a rapidly growing Campus Recreation sports program with teams and leagues forming throughout the year. There are also workout facilities on campus with weight machines and cardio equipment to help students meet their fitness goals.

Clubs and Organizations at Stevenson

Academic and Pre-Professional Clubs

Accounting Association | accounting@stevenson.edu
The Accounting Association provides accounting students with the opportunity to interact with fellow accounting students and professional accountants. This club provides advice to students seeking employment and helps integrate university coursework and on-the-job experience. Each semester members are encouraged to participate in professional, community service, fundraising, and recreational activities.

Active Minds| activeminds@stevenson.edu
Active Minds is an organization that utilizes peer outreach to increase awareness of mental illnesses to all members of the Stevenson community. The organization sponsors educational and service events that provide a helping hand and a safe environment and are open to all participants. The organization also encourages students to seek help as soon as it is needed and to meet with counselors in the Wellness Center at ѨƵ.

AIGA, Professional Association for Design | AIGA@stevenson.edu
AIGA is a national professional association for designers. The ѨƵ AIGA Student Group, associated with the AIGA Baltimore Chapter, provides opportunities for serious art and design students to meet other students in the major, network with design professionals, and learn more about design technologies through club-sponsored workshops. Major activities include fundraising for students who cannot afford to buy art supplies for school and attending AIGA professional events around Baltimore.

Alpha Phi Sigma, Criminal Justice Honor Society | APS@stevenson.edu
The Alpha Phi Sigma is a criminal justice honor society that provides students with the opportunities to experience an international network of criminal justice employees and students. This organization is a certified member of The Association of College Honor Societies and affiliated with The Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences.

American Chemical Society (ACS) | ACS@stevenson.edu
The American Chemical Society helps its members network, explore chemistry career options, and learn about science by participating in local and national American Chemical Society events. The society organizes chapter events, including research seminars, social events, community service, and more.

The Communication Hub
The Communication Hub aims to give students hands-on experience in the fields of marketing, advertising, and public relations.

Criminal Justice Student Association (CJSA)CJSA@stevenson.edu
The Criminal Justice Student Association is an organization formed for students planning to work with the law, corrections, or courts. The group hosts events, study time, public speakers, and small group discussions centered on criminal justice as a major and as a career.

Fashion Apparel & Design (FAD)FAD@stevenson.edu
The Fashion Club is a student organization that provides ѨƵ students with opportunities to be involved in fashion-driven and fashion-related activities. The club appeals to students at ѨƵ studying in various areas such as fashion merchandising, fashion design, business, business communication, photography, and art. The activities in the Fashion Club will expand students’ knowledge by helping students understand the fashion retail business through activities, workshops, field trips, charities and events.

Financial Management Association (FMA)FMAclub@stevenson.edu
FMA promotes the knowledge of finance – including financial literacy—and elevates the relationship between finance and business among peers. FMA provides members with professional development resources and opportunities related to finance, while enhancing the quality and relevance of education in finance and provide opportunities for professional interaction.

The FMI Club is a student-run organization with the goal to promote a love of film and filmmaking while celebrating the creative talents of ѨƵ students.

Forensic Science Clubforensicclub@stevenson.edu
The Forensic Science Club strives to provide unity within the forensic science program at Stevenson by giving both graduate and undergraduate students a chance to interact and participate in various campus events as a group. The club also fundraises to host networking sessions with various external forensic science organizations.

Human Services Club | HSC@stevenson.edu
The Human Services Club parallels strongly with the Human Services major at Stevenson by sponsoring charitable, educational, and social activities on and around campus. Students conduct service projects that benefit needy families, such as donating Christmas gifts to needy children through the Giving Tree Project. HSC also sponsors campus speakers, such as admissions officers from graduate programs in counseling and social work, and representatives from non-profit organizations like Catholic Charities. Social gatherings have included parties as well as recreational field trips.

Legal Societylegalsociety@stevenson.edu
The Legal Society club goals are to provide and encourage an environment that accommodates: learning, using, and applying the law in our country. We achieve this through various activities like Law and Constitutional day, trips to the center of government (wither state or federal), provide comprehensive mentoring and advise with classes, and facilitate networking between professionals and students through speaker serious and various activities conducted throughout the year.

Medical Laboratory Student Association
The Medical Laboratory Student Association works to promote Medical Laboratory Science as a major by offering opportunities to collaborate with the Maryland Chapter of the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science, faculty, and clinical partners to hold events and promote the medical laboratory profession. MLSA will also help enhance students’ experience and knowledge by holding professional development lectures and mentoring incoming students about the application process and tips for future classes.

National Student Nurses Association (NSNA)NSNA@stevenson.edu
The ѨƵ chapter of the NSNA is a professional club that focuses on issues of interest to students preparing to join the nursing profession. As members of this national organization, students have the opportunity to network with nursing professionals, meet and plan activities with students from area chapters in Maryland, and enjoy the support and camaraderie of other students in the nursing field. NSNA members are involved in education and service activities locally. Activities include co-sponsorship of a day-long professional conference, social events, and a blood drive. The NSNA is also involved in a variety of fundraising projects to support the many activities they participate in during the year.

Psychology Club psychclub@stevenson.edu
The Psychology Club gathers to discuss issues related to the field of psychology, such as applying to graduate school, research possibilities, and careers in psychology. The club co-sponsors health awareness events, coordinates volunteer activities in the community, and hosts social activities to increase camaraderie.

Teachers of Tomorrow (TOT) | TOTS@stevenson.edu
The purpose of Teachers of Tomorrow is to promote the inherent rights, education, and well-being of all children, in home, school, and community; to work for desirable conditions, programs, and practices for children from infancy through early adolescence; to raise the standard of preparation for all those actively involved with the care and development of children; and to encourage continuous professional growth of educators. Membership in the Stevenson branch is open to any person affiliated with ѨƵ whose interests are in harmony with the purposes of TOT.

Diversity & Inclusion

African Student Union (ASU) | AfricanStudentUnionClub@stevenson.edu
African Student Union is a club that aims to create a community and atmosphere for the members to build, learn more about, and share African culture. Open to all ѨƵ students, ASU is a great place to build friendships, speak freely, and make history.

Association of Black Psychologists | abpclub@stevenson.edu
The Association of Black Psychologists aims to liberate the African mind, empower the African character, and enlighten the African spirit. The mission of ABPsi is to promote and advance of the profession of Black Psychology and develop programs in which psychologists of African descent can influence and affect social change and assist in solving problems in Black communities and other ethnic groups. As a student chapter at Stevenson, ABPsi student circle intends to promote, advance, and discuss the profession of African/Black psychology; educate the importance of cultural competency within the mental health/psychology field to the Stevenson community; promote and discuss an approach to psychology that is consistent with the experience of Black people; and develop support systems for Black psychologists, students of psychology, and other related fields.

Black Student Union (BSU) | BSU@stevenson.edu
The Black Student Union promotes racial and ethnic understanding on campus and fosters cultural awareness among the University community through informal discussions, panel presentations, guest speakers, and community service projects. The BSU also hosts one of the most popular traditions on campus, the BSU Fashion Show, every spring. The club is open to all students.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes | fca@stevenson.edu
Fellowship of Christian Athletes is here to leave their footprint at ѨƵ, and create an open space for student athletes to share their faith, create a lasting impression, and develop through fellowship.

Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU) | CRU@stevenson.edu
CRU is a non-denominational Christian fellowship group. Students participate include weekly meetings with music, Bible study, and fellowship. The club also sponsors outreach and service projects throughout the year.

Organization for Latin American Students (OLAS) | OLAS@stevenson.edu
OLAS was created to serve as a support group for Latin American students where they can embrace and celebrate their culture. The mission of the group is also to educate and inform the Stevenson community about the Latin American culture through educational and social programs, as well as to make contributions to the greater Latin American community throughout the Baltimore area through partnerships with organizations.

The Q Group | qgroup@stevenson.edu
The purpose of the Q Group is to promote acceptance and support for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, ally, and other students on the campus. The group plans to educate students about the GLBTQA community and encourage a sex-positive environment on the SU campus. The group offers events and activities embracing the GLBTQA students on campus.

ѨƵ College Republicans |crclub@stevenson.edu
The College Republicans club raises awareness about the political process in the United States. In addition, the club fosters meaningful dialogue throughout the campus regarding critical issues occurring in the nation.

Event Programming Clubs

Commuter Student Association (CSA) | commuter@stevenson.edu
The Commuter Student Association represents the interests and needs of the commuting students attending ѨƵ. Through programming events and activities, representing commuters and in their dealings with the University, it is the hope of CSA to help the commuting student become an integral part of the campus community.

Mustang Activities and Programming Board (MAP) | MAP@stevenson.edu
MAP is a programming board that is responsible for bringing free entertainment to campus, including musicians, comedians, speakers, and novelties. This group works with outside entertainment agents to book touring acts for Stevenson’s campuses, including a monthly movie series. All students are welcome to join MAP.

Student Government Association (SGA) | SGA@stevenson.edu | 
The mission of the Student Government Association, or SGA, is to improve the quality of student’s academic, professional, social, and personal development while at ѨƵ; to serve as the democratic voice on campus and as a liaison between the student body and the faculty, staff, and administration; to advocate the incorporation of student views and opinions in the formulation of policies and procedures governing ѨƵ; and to provide a forum for the exchange and development of ideas in various areas of student concerns.

Fraternity & Sorority Life

Inter-fraternity Council (IFC)

Phi Mu Delta Fraternity | pmdf@stevenson.edu
Founded nationally in 1918 as the first national fraternity to accept men regardless of their race or religious affiliation, Phi Mu Delta provides a positive fraternity experience for today’s college man, encouraging high personal standards and helping its members live the ideals of our Founders: democracy, brotherhood, and service. We seek to redefine fraternity by cultivating and curating a culture of lifelong civic engagement and fellowship.

National Panhellenic Conference

Phi Mu Sorority | phimusorority@stevenson.edu
Phi Mu Fraternity, founded in 1852, is the second-oldest sorority in the nation. Established in 2020, the Phi Pi chapter at ѨƵ contributes to Phi Mu’s growing membership and benefits from the supportive environment cultivated to foster a lifetime of development. We are committed to excellence, serving others, and lifelong friendship. Our sisterhood is centered around encouraging each other to achieve and be our personal best. If you want to learn more about our sisterhood and how Phi Mu can help you be your best self, check out our website here: .

Phi Sigma Sigma Sorority | phisigmasigmasociety@stevenson.edu
Phi Sigma Sigma is the first non-sectarian, international sorority founded in 1913, and in 1992, the Zeta Chi chapter of ѨƵ was installed. Our vision is to create a dynamic sisterhood of powerful women, fostering uncompromising principles, igniting positive change, and embracing individuality. We inspire our sisters to live by our motto, “Aim High,” during and after their collegiate years. Our mission to members of this organization is to inspire the personal development of each sister and perpetuate the advancement of womanhood throughout their lives. Are we interested in joining Phi Sig? Check out our website for a glimpse into our sisterhood and our philanthropic ideals that we strive to live by every day! 

National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC)

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated (AKA) | alphakappaalpha@stevenson.edu
Alpha Kappa Alpha is an international service organization founded on the Howard University campus in Washington, D.C., in 1908. It is the oldest Greek-lettered organization established by African-American, college-educated women. ѨƵ’s undergraduate chapter of AKA, Tau Theta, was chartered on April 3, 2011. Its members are distinguished young women who boast excellent academic records proven leadership skills, and are involved in the community through advocacy and service.

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. | pbsf@stevenson.edu
Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., an international organization of college and professional men, was founded on January 9, 1914, at Howard University on the principles of Brotherhood, Scholarship, and Service. These principles are exhibited by the fraternity motto, “Culture for Service and Service for Humanity.” The ѨƵ chapter will begin the chartering phase in the fall of 2018.

Service Clubs

Food Recovery Network |foodnet@stevenson.edu
Food Recovery Network (FRN) is a student-led movement against food waste and hunger. FRN volunteers’ package left over foods from campus marketplaces and transport them to hunger fighting facilities around the Baltimore area.  All ѨƵ students are welcome to join. This is a great opportunity to receive service hours on campus and make a positive impact in the community.

Stevenson Enactus | enactus@stevenson.edu
The Enactus Club at ѨƵ is a social entrepreneurship club created for all students. The Enactus Club provides the opportunity for students and business leaders to connect. The club also focuses on offering empowering and transforming opportunities where both students and business leaders unite through real, sustainable, business projects. 

Special Interest

Anime Club | anime@stevenson.edu
Anime Club strives to bring together members of the Stevenson community by creating a space for those with an interest in anime.

Baking Club
Baking Club introduces simple baking recipes to college students that can be created on or off of Stevenson Campus. This is for students that are interested in baking bread, sweets, and savory dishes!

Best Buddies | bestbuddies@stevenson.edu
Best Buddies enhances the lives of people with intellectual disabilities by providing opportunities for one-to-one friendships and integrated employment. Membership is open to all students.

Debate Club
Debate Club is where students can gather and participate in debates over various topics.

Ethical Hackers Club | ethicalhackersclub@stevenson.edu
The Ethical Hackers Club is a cybersecurity community on campus. This club provides a social outlet for those students who desire to become proficient in their field through practice, competition, and collaboration.

Mustang Mentors Club | mustangmentorsclub@stevenson.edu
The Mustang Mentors Club aims towards encouraging the youth to pursue a higher education while being led in a positive direction by ѨƵ students. Within our Mentoring program, ѨƵ will be partnered with a local middle school. Through a consistent interaction between both communities, we will build positive relationships, display a collegiate experience, and have events to act as a support system and show the value of hard work.

Photography Club | photoclub@stevenson.edu
ѨƵ’s photography club looks into the relationship between the eye, the camera, and the artistic creativity. The club provides an encouraging and sociable environment for all members with all different types of experience and enjoyment for photographic imagery. The club offers a manner to share ideas and knowledge with one another.

Tabletop Roleplaying Games Club | ttrpg@stevenson.edu
The TTRPG club is a group where students can gather in a safe, respectful space to enjoy tabletop roleplaying games such as Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder. We will foster discussions about these game systems, as well as host games during meetings.

Ultimate Frisbee Club | ultimatefrisbee@stevenson.edu

Women of Resilience, Tenacity and Humility (WORTH) |WORTHClub@stevenson.edu
WORTH will connect young ladies of different cultural backgrounds across campus to inspire one another through mental, physical, and emotional support by engaging in meetings, activities and events and unlocking their leadership potential. We focus on building a sisterhood and creating a sociable environment for all women.

Sports & Recreation

Club Sports

Club Sports are competitive teams that play against other colleges and universities. For more information, please contact Assistant Athletic Director Matthew Grimm.

Intramural Sports

Intramural sports are teams made up of Stevenson students, faculty, and staff that compete against one another on campus. The following sports are available:

  • Flag Football
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Indoor Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Outdoor Soccer

For more information, please contact Assistant Athletic Director, Matthew Grimm, or Coordinator of Campus Recreation, Brittany Bizila.

Fitness Centers

Stevenson’s Fitness Centers are located conveniently around campus as another way for you to stay connected and active. Reservations are required for both fitness centers.

Caves Fitness Center is located in Caves Sports & Wellness Center. It is open to all students, faculty, and staff.

Caves Fitness Center Hours
Monday – Thursday: 7:30 am – 10:30 pm
Friday: 7:30 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday: 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Sunday: 3:00 pm – 10:30 pm

The Garrison Hall North Fitness Center is located in the heart of campus: Garrison Hall Student Activities Commons. It is open to all students, faculty, and staff.

Garrison Hall Hours
Monday – Thursday: 3:00 pm – 10:30 pm
Friday: 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Saturday – Sunday: Closed

Traditions at Stevenson

Homecoming Bonfire

The stack of wood pallets quickly catches fire, casting a warm glow on the students, faculty, and staff that come out to celebrate our Stevenson community. The celebration is coupled with hot chocolate and s’mores.

Club & Organization Involvement Fair

At the start of each semester, interested students are invited to learn how to get involved. Attendees can ask representatives from each official club and organization questions about their groups, sign up to attend their next meeting, and more!

NYC Trip

Hosted every December, this bus trip gives students the opportunity to explore and build their own schedule around town. Tickets are first come, first serve; seats are limited!

Food Truck Rally

Once a year, food truck vendors from around the area take over a parking lot and fire up their mobile kitchens. If you want it, they have it; previous vendors have provided unique cupcakes, brick-fire pizza, macaroni grilled cheeses, and more!

Rockland Blowout

During the Spring semester, Student Activities hosts a major blowout celebration, bringing students together to honor the true purpose of Rockland on the anniversary of its’ opening.

Students in a production of the musical Cabaret

Arts Alive! at Stevenson

The Arts Alive! initiative invites all students to interact with the arts through musical performances, art exhibitions, theatre productions, and cultural events around campus. Sometimes, these events come to you – pop-up performances in the quad or coffeehouse are crowd favorites within the Stevenson community.

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